Does Your Beard Have What it Takes to be the Best Beard in Blossburg?

BLOSSBURG, PA (April 2, 2018)… The Blossburg State Coal Festival has announced that they will be adding a beard contest to the schedule of events for this year’s festival which will be held on Blossburg’s Island Park beginning on Wednesday, May 23 until Saturday, May 26.

The committee has planned several categories for beards including Papa Beard (beards OVER 6 inches in length); Baby Beard (beards UNDER 6 inches in length); Not All There (goatee, sideburns, etc.); Bearderella and Crowd Favorite. Also include is the ‘Whiskerina’ category for ladies who want to ‘design their own beards’. Winners of these categories will be voted on at the festival on Saturday, May 26.

Also included is a Best Overall Beard category that will be voted on by donation throughout the duration of the festival.

PAPA BEARD (full beard OVER 6 inches)… beard appears as it grows naturally. The more natural the better! The mustache may not be highlighted. The beard may not be curled under at the bottom. No styling aids permitted.

BABY BEARD (full beard UNDER 6 inches)…beard appears as it grows naturally. The mustache may not be highlighted. The beard may not be curled under at the bottom. No styling aids permitted.

NOT ALL THERE…category for anyone who has facial hair but does not fit into the Papa Beard or Baby Beard categories (goatee, sideburns, chops, etc.).

BEARDARELLA…Allows the introduction of non-facial hair items into sculpted beard designs. Still requires natural growth. Bling up your beard with glitter, rhinestones, jewels or LED lights. As long as the incorporated items are within the structure of your facial hair anything goes!

CROWD FAVORITE…no special criteria for this one! The crowd will pick their favorite out of all the beards entered.

WHISKERINA (for the ladies)…this category is for the ladies. Show what the good lord neglected to give you and show us what it could have been! Pick a theme and design your beard! Be creative! Judges will look for craftsmanship, creativity and overall appearance.

Anyone wishing to enter any of the beard contest category can do so by sending a message to the Blossburg State Coal Festival Facebook page or an email to that includes a photo of you showing off your beard, your name, town of residence, the category that you are entering and complete contact information. This information can also be mailed via USPS to Blossburg Coal Festival, 245 Main St., Blossburg, PA 16912.

Contestants are permitted to enter multiple categories and all beards (with the exception of the Bearderella and Whiskerina categories) will be entered for Best Overall Beard.

The Blossburg Coal Festival Beard Contest is sponsored by Veterans Only Beard Supply Store and Coal Festival committee.

The Blossburg State Coal Festival has been held on Blossburg’s Island Park annually since 1992 and celebrates the area’s rich history in the coal mining industry. For more information on the history of the festival and for the latest schedule of events, please visit the festival’s website at